Welcome to Blogs For Babies


b&w holsI’m Jenny, creator and editor of Blogs For Babies.

Already blogging in a personal capacity at GreatNorthMum, sharing my thoughts with anyone who happens to drop by, I hit on the idea of providing a space for other parents to share their stories – stories of pregnancy, birth and new babies, happy or sad, simple or complicated, informative, humorous, inspiring. Everything that being a parent is.

I have a passion for helping good causes, especially pregnancy, baby and children’s charities, and am committed to promoting positive pregnancies for all, having had personal experience of pre-eclampsia. My day job is in the NHS and I am volunteer Media Coordinator for the national charity MAMA Academy, so I know the breadth of experiences parents (and parents-to-be) go through. I also know that people love to realise they are not alone. Finding out about the experiences of others can give great comfort, and sometimes even great entertainment!

Every baby has a story; a story to be shared. Share it with Blogs For Babies.






















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