Budding Smiles – ‘Resident Blogger’ Hannah

hannah clarke picBlogs For Babies is just starting out on the road to building a lovely community of parent bloggers sharing their stories, so we are more than happy to introduce you to Hannah – just starting out on the road to parenthood! In fact, we’ll let Hannah introduce herself…

“Hi! My name’s Hannah. I’m a 27-year-old wife to Phil, travel-loving, Tottenham-supporting, outdoorsy country bumpkin with two cats, five chickens and an ever expanding bump.

Mine and my husband’s first precious little baby is due July 9th. I have recently started blogging about my pregnancy and am loving being able to share my stories. I hope that you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it.”

In this first guest post from Hannah, she tells us more about herself and we welcome ‘little bean’.

Hannah blogs at buddingsmiles.co.uk

As a teenager I wasn’t content at school, and then I wasn’t content at college, so I travelled. I went to Canada, Brazil, Peru, Thailand, Singapore, Australia – It was amazing and it taught me what the shy, nervous child I’d been could actually achieve.

The following few years weren’t easy, I left home in 2008 for a relationship that was doomed from the beginning and so by 21 I was living alone and working 50+ hours a week to pay my bills . It wasn’t all bad, I have an amazing family who have supported me through thick and thin and in August 2011, I went to Devon for a week with my cousin.

Single for two years, she decided to join Match.com, but only if I did it too. Reluctantly, I set up the most basic of profiles and duly set my iPod to one side, forgetting about it. That night however, I received an email to inform me that someone had ‘winked’ at me on Match. I clicked the link to see what his profile was like…

15 months later, basking in the Cambodian sun and perched atop a tower at Angkor Wat, the man who had cyber winked at me asked me to marry him. In September 2013, Phil and I became husband and wife in a beautiful ceremony at a gorgeous farm in Ashbourne.

2013 was a crazy, wonderful year. I saw the year in with my new fiancé at a huge street party in Cambodia. From there we spent four days living high up in a tree house in Laos, zip lining through a jungle inhabited by gibbons. On to outdoor rock climbing in Thailand and then we were back in Blighty and having an offer accepted on a lovely country cottage whilst planning our wedding.

We moved into the cottage in June and began renovating – every room needed attention – then we got married in September. Having been married for five blissful weeks, November 1st became another amazing day to add to the 2013 list when the magical words ‘Pregnant. 1-2 Weeks’ appeared on a digital pregnancy test.

We told a few people straight away, wanting to share our joy with those closest to us but also wanting to build a support network should our little pip not be strong enough. In the weeks leading up to the first scan and to Christmas, I was exhausted, constantly nauseous but unable to be sick, sensitive to smells to the point of giving up eating meat and too bloated to fit properly into my regular jeans.

None of that mattered when, at our 12 weeks scan, a clear, perfect image appeared on the screen. Our little bean – we’d taken to fruit and vegetable references – was wriggling, kicking and waving at its proud Mummy and Daddy.

We told the rest of our close friends after the scan and everyone was over the moon. My nausea began to ease, my bump began to form and at our 16 week midwife appointment the wonderful sound of our baby’s heartbeat filled the air.

hannah clarke scanAt 19+1 we had our second scan and by then I had started to feel tiny flutters. Baby Clarke stretched and yawned, being very well behaved and not sharing its gender with us so that we can still have a surprise on the big day.

As I write this post, I am nearly 22 weeks gone and I can honestly say that I adore being pregnant. No, my body isn’t the slim line one of my wedding photos. Yes, I get sore hips, trapped nerves in my back, I become tired easily and I miss eating rare steak and runny eggs. Is it worth it? Without having even met my baby yet, the answer is an unequivocal yes! I get to feel the growing mini human inside me kicking and moving. I get to watch my belly jump about to baby’s own private beat. I get to love this child for the rest of my life and that makes any sickness, pain or discomfort fade into oblivion.

I’m so excited to be blogging about my life and my pregnancy. I’d love for you to join me and be part of this incredible chapter in my life. Thank you for reading xxx

Follow Hannah on Twitter @BuddingSmiles

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