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hannah clarke 3The lovely Hannah wrote one of our first posts on Blogs For Babies back when she was 22 weeks pregnant. Now at 36 weeks, she fills us in on how her pregnancy has progressed as she gets closer to D-Day!

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My first Blogs for Babies post covered a bit of background about me and the story of my pregnancy up to 22 weeks. Well, I’m currently 36 weeks pregnant so felt an update was due as really, Baby C could appear any time over the next 6 (please make it 4!) weeks!

hannah clarke 1Midway through my second trimester when I last wrote, the feeling wonderful phase continued for several more weeks. At 27 weeks and 4 days I stood and walked my way around London in the blazing sunshine, cheering on my darling husband who was running the marathon. The very next morning, at 4am, we then set off on a plane to Paris. You can read about both of these wonderful but exhausting events on my blog, but suffice to say we were both exhausted! It was such a proud time, seeing Phil run the marathon, we had a great weekend and he did so well.

hannah clarke 2Paris was tiring, but so much fun and we managed to see and do pretty much everything we wanted to. In both cities, we got around on foot or public transport and I am so happy to report that I was offered a seat on EVERY train, metro and bus that we went on, without exception. I would never have asked for a seat unless I was really struggling, but I was touched by the fact that the situation never even arose. In a time when we often moan about society and manners, it’s lovely to have had such a positive experience.

Baby C was pretty worn out by all the travelling and had a quiet couple of days in Paris. I noticed the slight reduction in movement so made a point of spending an evening relaxing and the moment I got into the bath those wriggles and kicks started again with Baby C’s usual excitement! I wouldn’t say I worried when I noticed the reduction, because I knew part of it was likely to be that I’d been so busy I had probably missed a lot of movement even though it had in fact been there. I had my maternity notes with me and if my bath and relaxing evening hadn’t have worked, I wouldn’t have hesitated to new ambassador logoseek advice. I’ve become an Ambassador for the fantastic MAMA Academy and one of the key things we promote is #MyPositivePregnancy, which involves being confident to know your baby’s movements and when to seek medical advice. It’s so, so important for women to feel empowered enough to contact a midwife if they feel something is even slightly wrong, because this is your unborn child’s health and life and a Mummy is the one and only person in the entire world who can tell if there is a change.

By the time we got home I was 28+1 and the busy week was certainly taking its toll. I spent all of Easter Saturday making a 3-tier Hummingbird Bakery Carrot Cake (recipe on my blog) so by Easter Sunday I was exhausted! Around this time, things started to get a bit tricky at work too. My job as a Work Related Learning Trainer in a special needs school means being out and about for 4-6 hours of the day, Monday to Friday, with only a 30 minute lunch break in the middle. Between work placements with the students on nature reserves, in supermarkets and in the local university, I was also on my feet a lot and this started to cause issues with my hips and pelvis.

My husband did 2 out of the 3 hours of our daily drive, which I really appreciated as sometimes just lifting my foot on the pedals would cause quite a lot of pain. My aqua yoga classes were, and remain, absolutely amazing in helping me to relax and loosen my achey joints a little bit. Being specifically for pregnancy, the teacher knows exactly what we can do without causing ourselves issues and I’ve also met some wonderful friends whose children Baby C will grow up with.

As the weeks wore on I was struggling to sleep at night due to hip pains, heartburn and all the usual pregnancy joys! At my 31 week midwife appointment, I explained what my job entailed, including the commute, and that I wasn’t sleeping well. My midwife was not happy that I’d been doing so much and immediately got my GP to sign me off. The following Monday, at 31+5, I went into work and handed the note in, feeling incredibly awful as I did so!

I wrote a post about self confidence in pregnancy last week and a lot of the need to write that came from the manner in which I ended up finishing work. I’d prepared myself, my students and the work placements for a specific date on which I would leave and I was riddled with guilt and – in my mind – giving in two weeks before that date came around. I told myself that it wasn’t my fault a replacement hadn’t been hired, as this had caused some issues with regards me not being able to relinquish any responsibilities, but still I felt that I had let my students down.

The first week or two were really tough; I also then had some major emergency repairs which came up on a rented property we own, so they needed sorted (and paying for) immediately, then in the same week we found out that my Nan had received funding and would be going into care the very next week. All of those things piled up in my mind and I struggled to pull myself together.

A change came at about 33-34 weeks when I met up with some friends, went out on a brilliant date night with my husband and got the nursery painted. It felt so positive and really helped to lift my spirits.

hannah clarke 4As I said, I’m now 36 weeks and I feel like I’m in a really good place. As of last week, Baby C was 1/5 engaged and I’ve had a constant pressure with some pains very low down so I’m really positive that he/she is staying head down now ready to make a grand entrance into Mummy and Daddy’s life. Walking is interesting at times with Baby C being so low, but I really don’t mind because it means we’re on track ready for labour, whenever that may happen! My blood pressure is nice and low, my bloods all look fine and I’ve even had a few nights in a row when I’ve slept through – Bonus!

I’ve written a third trimester round-up, which will be followed by weekly updates until Baby C arrives, so please do pay me a visit and keep your fingers crossed for me that we don’t go too over and have a nice, natural labour! Whatever happens though, I’m so excited to know that it really won’t be long until Phil and I meet our son or daughter, it’s a wonderful time and one to be treasured.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to introducing Baby C to you very soon when he or she has a name and isn’t just ‘he or she’ anymore!

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One thought on “Ready for Baby C – Hannah Clarke

  1. Hi Hannah – nice to read your pregnancy story so far. At 28 weeks myself I can really empathise with your early thoughts & feelings and now I’ve got some idea of what’s ahead! Good luck with the final few weeks, hope all goes well for you.

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