To buy or not to buy…? – ‘Resident Blogger’ Hannah

Wonderful Resident Blogger Hannah is back after her first month with beautiful new baby Toby! Here she tells us what she has found you realistically do and don’t need for life with a newborn. Lots of you will relate to this post, and if you’re currently making your new baby shopping list, you may just pick up some useful pointers.

 What are your tips for other expectant parents to buy for the nursery – and what should they leave in the shop, regardless of how cute it is? Share your dos and don’ts at @BlogsForBabies.
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As Toby prepares to turn a whole one month old (it’s gone so quickly!) I thought I’d write about the things that have proven invaluable in this first month, along with the things we probably could have lived without.


  • Bouncy chair… Toby really likes his bouncy chair and the movement has worked well at calming him from very early on. We went for the Fisher-Price Calming Vibrations chair in the Happy Forest theme because it looks really cosy where some look as if baby is perched on top of them and don’t look comfortable. Toby took a while to like the vibrations being on, but he does now and he’ll happily nap in his chair or just sit and look around.
  • Breast pads… I didn’t leak at all during pregnancy, but my goodness sometimes it’s like someone’s left a tap on! If I do Toby’s morning feed and forget to put a pad in, the side I’m not feeding from drowns us both! Even if you’re not breastfeeding, you’ll need these for a while because just the sound of your crying baby will likely set things off!
  • medela pumpBreast pump… I have just invested in a Medela Swing electric pump and it’s amazing. Prior to that I used a Tommee Tippee manual pump, which did the job but less efficiently and was less comfortable. I express 4oz a day for my husband to feed to Toby at 11pm so that I can have a break before the night shift commences. It’s also good to have some in reserve so that I can, on the odd occasion, be away from Toby for one feed. We’ve been doing this since Toby was 2 weeks old and it thankfully hasn’t caused any confusion with breastfeeding.
  • Slumber Bear… My friend’s baby slept through the night very early on (show off!) so she didn’t need Slumber Bear, who has various settings including white noise, womb noise and classical music. Toby drifts off at night to either the white noise or womb noise setting and seems to enjoy the classical music during quiet/nap times in the day.
  • Muslins, muslins, muslins… Quite simply, buy as many as you can fit in your drawer, changing bag and changing unit because you will need them. All of them. From milk dribble to sick, to that age old baby trick of weeing the moment you remove their nappy, you’ll go through more muslins each week than breast pads!
  • toby hannah slingSlings and carriers… These aren’t for everyone, but I adore my Calin Bleu woven gauze wrap and Toby settles instantly in it. He also likes walks out with Daddy in his Baby Bjorn Original carrier. They’re so convenient both around the house and for walks when taking the pram isn’t necessary. Toby also seems calmest when he close to us physically and our wrap and carrier mean we can give him that reassuring closeness and still have our hands free to get on with things.
*Warning, sickening gushy moment alert!!*
  • My husband… He has been absolutely wonderful and Toby and I are very blessed to have had Phil at home for the first four weeks. From family time to taking Toby so I can snooze, I’m so lucky to have such a great husband.
Now, those have been our essentials, but what could we have done without?
  • Moses basket… The purchase of a Moses basket was entirely my doing because I think they’re adorable with a cute newborn in them. However my son had other ideas and barely spent half an hour total in his before we put him in a glider crib instead.
  • toby carrycotCarrycot… Along the same lines as above, I wanted to take my gorgeous newborn out and about in a carrycot pram. We do use it, but a lot less often than the car seat and slings, so we could have coped without it in all honesty.
  • Teddy bears… I seriously do not want to sound ungrateful, but Toby has been bought so many teddies we don’t know what to do with them! I know as he gets a little older he’ll become attached to a few of them, but he doesn’t need dozens to choose from!
  • Disposable baby wipes… We started with cotton wool and water, then recently went on to reusable wipes which are a load more efficient at cleaning and don’t fill up the bin with smell! I haven’t added disposable nappies, however, because we’re still on a mix of disposable and cloth until Toby’s a little bigger.

There are, obviously, loads more things that can go on both lists, but ignoring the obvious ones, these are the main things that spring to mind.

I’d love to hear what your newborn essentials were, so get in touch!

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One thought on “To buy or not to buy…? – ‘Resident Blogger’ Hannah

  1. Good to hear what your essentials were. We’re trying to get together our kit list, going for the start small and grow it as needed approach … but it’s hard not to get carried away!

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