My son and I have had ‘the Talk’ – Ali Shattock

ali and harleyHere’s a heartwrenchingly lovely little post from Ali – beautiful yet tinged with a bit of sadness. As a mummy of a little boy myself, it really struck a chord with me.

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I can’t believe it. Last week, my son and I had the talk. The talk that breaks every parent’s heart and at only 3 years old, this talk certainly did make my heart ache.

“Mummy, I want to marry you. I want to be with you forever, you are my beautiful girl.”

I think I stopped breathing for a second. These beautiful words coming from my son’s lips, totally unprompted and unrelated. My gosh, I love him.

We chatted about how mummy is married to daddy and that you can’t marry someone in your family; you marry someone to make a new family. To which he squeezed me tightly, his super soft face touching mine and replied “But I love you.”

How lovely that he sees marriage as being with someone that you really love, forever. I felt that I needed to give hubby and myself a pat on the back for subconsciously instilling that environment and belief in our children.

As lovely and heart warming that this announcement was, reality hit with the realisation that one day, Harley will leave me. I will never leave him; he will leave me. I don’t want him to leave me.

Someone else will become his focus and his world.

I want to hold his hand for as long as he will need me to or perhaps, want me to.

But for now, I’m happy being the only girl in Harley’s life. I’m more than happy to be his ideal; his image of perfection; his everything.

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