The longest wait – Mystery Mum

bump question markOur new Resident Blogger Mystery Mum is tired of waiting – pregnant or not pregnant? That is the question!

Mystery Mum is sharing her early pregnancy journey with us – starting with trying to conceive in the first place! You can read her posts on Blogs For Babies until she reveals all after the 12 week scan.

Waiting for something is always the hardest thing to do – Christmas morning, the start of a holiday, a desperately anticipated parcel – none of which compare to those drawn out two weeks from the point when you think you might have got everything where it’s supposed to go at the right time and possibly made a baby, to the first day of the unwanted visitor you hope doesn’t arrive.

The pregnancy forums on various websites refer to this time as the ‘two week wait’,  or ‘2WW’ to save on characters and precious seconds which could be otherwise spent frantically Googling early pregnancy signs in case you’ve got another one since the last time you checked.

Of course these days you don’t even have to wait two weeks to take a test, with some of the (obviously more expensive) tests claiming to give you a result up to 6 days before your period is due. Evidently, this will be too early for a lot of women to get a positive result though anyway, leaving them consigned to wait with the rest of us until those pesky hormones decide to make themselves known, or not as the case may be.

When I got pregnant the first time, I don’t remember being this hung up about the interminably long fortnight between the fun bit and  the moment of truth. Having almost made a snap decision that we wanted to start trying, I convinced myself that it couldn’t possibly work first time anyway, and didn’t give it a moment’s thought. We could really get started next month, I told myself.

I finally took a test when I was a week late and the little blue plus sign appeared in the window almost instantly. I paced the bedroom for a full ten minutes as I tried to comprehend the fact that we had managed to conceive a child with almost no effort, or planning, or obsessing over ovulation calculators. How lucky we had been when so many couples sadly struggle.

Second time around though, there has by necessity been more thought involved, more advance notice of the whole officially-trying-to-conceive bit, more overthinking of the ‘am I or aren’t I?’ variety. Having made the decision to grow our little family, I am so ready for it to happen, and in an attempt to cushion the blow of a potentially negative result, I’ve convinced myself that we couldn’t be so lucky twice, could we?

I don’t recall any very early pregnancy symptoms first time round, but then I think I was so naive about the whole thing I wouldn’t really have known what to look out for. It never even occurred to me that I would feel anything so soon. Now I’m almost constantly poking my boobs to see how tender they are (probably making them so in the process), wondering if I feel bloated for a good reason rather than because of the big dinner I had the day before, and if I’m fatigued from a surge of hormones or simply a disturbed night’s sleep.

Only time will tell, unfortunately, so the wait goes on. I can finally take a test at the weekend, and we’ll see how lucky we are.

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