Say hello to the Giggles Family – Jules G

giggles family photoPlease welcome military wife and mummy Jules to Blogs for Babies!

Life’s never quiet living the army life, sailing the ups and downs of having a husband often working away and a Baby G learning new things every day! Baby G is under a year and bundles of fun, easily getting the giggles at the smallest thing.

They make the most of family life together after for quite some time fearing they would not be able to have a family at all. They love spending their time checking out local children’s activities, holding family events, having fun with friends and making a blog and video diary on their YouTube channel for the future.

Jules blogs at

I’m new here so I guess I should introduce myself *Waves*.

Me and Mr G have been together 6 years, married for 4. After thinking we may not have the chance to have a family, Baby G came into our lives and as cheesy as it sounds, made us feel complete.

We have the same stresses of family life as anyone, but we try our best to make the best of every moment because we almost didn’t have it.

Baby G is now 7 months old and learning constantly. He’s at a stage of frustration, wishing he could crawl and still thinking that if he concentrates hard and makes a grunting sound it will magically happen. He still hasn’t clicked that’s why we have tummy time!

Daddy G is in the military, but currently, fortunately at home with us aside from bits of training, so we are making the most of all being together. He has been posted elsewhere next year so we are gearing up to move with him. If anyone has any tips on packing a whole house with a baby please let me know!

I blog 2-3 times a week, review products and hold giveaways plus networking. We are also vlogging daily in December for Vlogmass. Sometimes it can feel too busy, and other times I just enjoy having my own little project through currently being a stay at home mum.

I’ll admit I’m an Instagram addict (@mrsgigglesworthy) because it makes any photo look beaut and has become a kind of family photo album for us.

I hope you’ll pop back to join us on our journey, our first Christmas together and moving next year. It would be lovely to have you along for the ride.

Follow Jules on Twitter @thegigglesblog


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