A Christmas letter to military wives – Jules G

Here’s a moving post from Jules, who has written about being a military wife at Christmas. I’ll let her explain.

Jules blogs at www.thegigglesfamily.com

As a military wife myself, I decided to write this open letter this year. I’m sure there will be lots of thoughts published for our soldiers, and I don’t for one second think they have easier. Far from it, but I thought wives and girlfriends deserved a little something too:

giggles family to doTo the Wives and Girlfriends missing their Soldier this Christmas,

It’s sh*t. It’s completely, utterly, gut wrentchingly, pit of your stomach crappy. I can’t change that with this letter but I can say THANK YOU.

Thank you for supporting him. For holding back that lump in your throat when he calls so he doesn’t worry about you; sending the care packages to him with extra tears included; calling his grandma every week to check she’s ok and pass on messages; loving his child but craving just ten minutes to yourself; managing ok all day until you find his sock in the washing 3 months into tour; feeling emotional whenever you see couples holding hands on your sad days; going through the loneliness of trying to get to know a totally new community at his new posting; trying to find a Christmas present that can fit in a care package; and missing him at night, literally feeling the hole in your chest.

For waking up on Christmas morning with his side of the bed empty, knowing you won’t get what you’d really like for Christmas.


Because you’ve supported not just him, but his colleagues by keeping him stable. His commander by helping him concentrate on his job. The country for supporting him while he does his part of trying to keep the country safe.

You’re strong and brave too. Yes in a different way, but a hard way. Trying to be a swan on the surface whilst paddling furiously underneath the water as they say.

Thank you. I hope he’s home soon, well and with the yummiest cuddle ever.

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